Winterize Your Hair Regime

Winterize Your Hair Regime

Winter is a real nuisance when it comes to hair. It can really take toll on our lovely strands…it steals so much moisture which as a result = dry brittle and static tresses. Even turning up the central heating is just as bad because it steals any..if not almost all..moisture from the hair!
So where to start or what to change in your regime?

Reduce the Humectants:

First things first its time to say goodbye to S-curl/glycerine etc ! Yes as depressing as it sounds, S-Curl is known as a humectant which is great when there is moisture in the air..but terrible when there is no or very little moisture in the air. This is because it has reverse effects. During Winter ‘Humectants’ take moisture from your hair rather than your surroundings which means drier hair.
If you have loads of products which contain humectants no worries…just avoid those with it as the first or second ingredient because that means it has a larger % of humectant in it…anything further down in the ingredient list should be ok.
P.S-Remember the first listed product on packaging is the most prevalent one!

Up your moisture:-

Retaining moisture during winter is the way to go… 
*Shampoo- The name of the game during winter is moisture retention. Get rid of the clear shampoo and find a creamy shampoo. The cloudier the product the more moisture it contains. Sulfate-free shampoo’s are known to be less drying so will help you retain more moisture.
*Co-wash- Up your co washes… co-wash more than you shampoo! Its v.important considering the weather.
*Leave-in- ALWAYS use your leave-in…they protect our hair against environmental damage especially during the winter.

– Creme of Nature Moisturizing Shampoo
– Keracare Sulphate Free Hydrating Shampoo
-Tres Semme Salon silk conditioner
– Superdrug Coconut oil conditioner
-Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends split ends cream (leave-in)
-At One Botanicals leave in conditioner

Use a heavier moisturizer:-

 there’s no need to weigh down your hair but just like some folks exchange their body cream for vaseline during the we should change our hair moisturizer. E.g

Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil hair cream
-Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends split ends cream (leave-in)

Finally continue to deep condition… with heat under a dryer is better than without a dryer just because there’ll be less heat in the air! 
Use Protective styling- Buns, braids, weaves, wigs, extensions etc. Straight left out hair may be easier to manage but winter will make it a heap of stress…especially when trying to restore lost moisture.

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