When Airdrying & Co-washing give extreme Softness | 4 months post relaxer

When Airdrying & Co-washing give extreme Softness | 4 months post relaxer
Having watched FGrogans latest video which mentions her 7 month no heat challenge, I knew and was reminded again of the need to reduce heat in my regime. In fact my friend Toks and I decided to do the ‘black girl’ observation exercise, and assess what FGrogan does out of the ordinary in her hair regime that may be the reason for those long strands she owns a copyright too!
Conclusion was… she co washes 3-4 times a week and uses no heat! Ka-ching..??? Not quite! Who, especially in the UK, has time to wash their hair so frequently especially given our lovely hard water [I thought to myself]
Well that thought changed today when I experienced one majorly easy breezy covergirl co-wash experience! It was crazy! I thought that washing/co-washing gets messier/harder the further into your transition or stretch you get, but no joke I haven’t loved washing my hair this much in 2 years!
Before I break down what I used and why my wash was so great, I’ve decided as of May, when I embark on my ‘May no heat Challenge‘, that besides not using heat- I will also co-wash 2-3 times a week and do exactly what I did today… pre-poo, airdry, slick the edges, headscarf and voila! 
The wash…
Plan| The plan was simple, pre-poo, co-wash, deep condition, then blowdry and straighten 
What really happened| I co-washed and then was in so much shock at how soft my hair was that I skipped deep conditioning and opted for airdrying instead!
Products used…
Prepoo| Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Co-wash| Used ORS Replenishing Pak mixed with Porosity Control to wash my hair in 4 sections

Styling| I used AtOne Leave-In Conditioner [re-emerged from my product junkie stash] which gave immense slip and softness. I then added 1/2 a squirt of Pantene Serum and gently brushed my hair into a bun using my new Babyliss Paddle Brush [I actually preferred this to my wide tooth comb – it was more effective in detangling]. Finally I used a soft bristle brush and the fab ORS Edge Control to slick my edges down.

Why the soft hair?

1- As ever, I have to say my pre-poo’s never disappoint and have given results since I started using them. Coconut oil has been proven to penetrate the hair shaft and definitely nourished my hair pre co-washing
2- The combo of ORS Replenishing Pak and Porosity Control has to be the best thing since chicken wings! I usually DC with the Replenishing Pak and then use Porosity Control for 5 minutes after, but the combo…hot dang, major softness, my hair felt like butter, detangling was beautiful!
3- My new detangling brush [subject to name alteration!]. Perhaps cheeky of me to use a brush to detangle, but considering how soft my hair was I figured the brush would smooth my hair out even more- and it did! Gave great results when detangling in the shower and when brushing my hair into a bun for airdrying
4- Products with slip! I won’t completely brush my Joico Daily Care Leave-in Conditioning Detangler  to the side, however I’ve learned that product suitability works according to which hairstyle you are wearing. In this case, I needed something creamy and almost slimy to cater to my hairs needs- and AtOne was the perfect substitute. If I had decided to blowdry I would opt for Joico more so than AtOne. The reason being that I use lighter products when dealing with heat.
Extra note: It was such a quick wash! I usually spend up to 4 hours doing my hair on wash days, [including DC time] so this was definitely a quick fix! Water bill & housemates would have been happy!
Avec amour…

edF ❥