Weave 101 Series| Part 3 | Post Installation Weave Take Down

Weave 101 Series| Part 3 | Post Installation Weave Take Down
Oh me oh my how late is this post… hopefully better late than never. My last weave take down was nothing out of the ordinary, the large ball of shedded hair and light headed feeling were nothing but normal. The take out, however, wouldn’t have been such a breeze had I not spent a good hour or two handling my hair with extreme care. Call me a hair snob but I refuse to be a victim of the no hair after weave syndrome!

So how can you avoid unnessecary breakage, thinning and tangling when taking your weave out?


The type of removal tool you use for each weft of weave can determine the size of your shedded/broken hair ball upon complete removal. Depending on what you choose be it a seam ripper, pair of scissors or a blade [my personal preference], it is always important to invest in a tool that does the job effectively. Your chosen tool does not by any means have to be horror movie #kinda sharp, but sharp enough to do the job properly. You don’t want a blunt blade which requires you to stress the weave thread and cause further issues e.g knots and tangles. Finally ladies please for the sake of your hair and my sanity…be careful- you’re scalp is way too precious for any scalp boo boo’s!
Now onto clips! Hair clips are especially useful during the take out process for the chicas who have leave out hair. It’s a good practice to separate your leave out hair from the hair you plan on removing so that it will not be a victim of accidental cutting, which let’s face it can happen even with the most careful of hands. Simply twist your leave out hair and use a clip to hold it aside whilst you get to work on weave removal. 


Spot any tools I missed out in the tools explanation? Of course the trusty wide tooth comb!

I most definitely won’t copyright this because I know there’s no way I’m the only one who does it, but detangling with oil has been a major aid in reducing breakage during my weave take out process. Once all weave wefts have been removed I caress my cornrows with a light carrier oil of choice before taking them out, this lubricates my hair and makes it less susceptible to snapping or breaking. I remove each cornrow and lightly detangle using a wide tooth comb before moving onto the next cornrow.


Go the full mile and wash and deep condition your hair. Your hair has most likely been hidden under your weave for more than 6 weeks which means it is in much need of serious lovin’!!!
How do you best remove your install? Has anyone tried the oil method too? Do share!!!