Wash Day | Heat Free Styling at 5 months post

Wash Day | Heat Free Styling at 5 months post
If you’re connected with LYT on Facebook you may have already come across this photo when I posted it yesterday afternoon.

I find it amusing that last year I stretched my relaxer for up to 8 months, yet I just don’t remember any of it being as easy as my stretching experience now! I mentioned a few posts back that I would be trying my hand at frequent co-washing in order to boost moisture levels, and explore what I think may be one of the key factors in FGrogans lustrous hair progress! [Yes folks even I have Hairspirations I look up to!]
So far co-washing has been more than pleasant. On one hand it feels great knowing that I can explore some curly hair do’s, on the otherhand it’s great knowing that I don’t have or feel the urge to reach for my blowdryer because my hair simply doesn’t need it!
One thing i’ve noticed when deciding how to wear my hair post co-wash, is that I experience more manipulation when I wear my hair back in a high bun, this because my hair is super duper thick now and requires a firm hand and very secure headscarf to achieve a less poofy look. The middle parting low bun, however, gives a more tamed result and to top it off is a change from the top bun which I can honestly say I think I have maxed out!
To achieve this look I simply follow the same routine as mentioned in my Shampoo then what series post on Air drying. I’ve added some more products e.g ORS Egde Control into my current air drying routine and will try if I can to post a video showing how I do this next week or latest the week after.
Perhaps it’s early days but I’m in love with my natural roots already, they are so much softer and malleable than my relaxed ends at this stage. Shame I’m not one for mega short hair! I could have been strutting with my TWA by now *sigh*