Under the Cover Up

Under the Cover Up
Before I go ahead and explain the mysterious title of this post I just have to say merci, cheers and spud me for being so patient whilst I sat exams! My work course is now done and liberated does no justice for how I currently feel!
So… I officially crown this the resumption of blogging…  Here is what is going on in the wonderful world of me “hair care” wise…
19 + months post transition and approx 4 more months before I snip off my relaxed ends!
Protective styling 99% of the time minus weekend hair style experimenting

I really should stress that the 99% ought to be 100%! Any and every hairstyle I’ve rocked over the past few weeks has kept my hair up, away and super protected.  In fact it’s gotten to that protective style “crazy” stage where you  max out things like deep conditioning, baggying, steaming etc just because you can and nobody can tell because your hair is hidden … Hidden under your wig, weave, hat, turban, headscarf… it’s just HIDDEN!

As of late and especially during exam month I opted for the coconut deep conditioner a.k.a the coconut relaxer as my main method of deep conditioning, it may ring a bell from this ancient post. In my last haircare focused post on deep conditioning I mentioned that coconut oil can take up to 16 hours to fully penetrate the hair shaft. If you have hair that does take well to coconut oil and you allow it to sit on your hair in a warm environment for this amount of time, I’m sure you’ll  know how darn amazing your hair can feel afterwards. This does not mean that I no longer deep condition the “normal” way, but I’ve been sticking to the 15 minutes post shampoo dc and compensating with this pre-shampoo treatment.
So… that’s pretty much me summed up over the past month, I’ve crowned July and August as months of hair styling and have invested in a heap load of perm rods, flexi rods, styling creams, and finally another order which I can’t wait to share with you!
My new found headscarf wrap look, channeling my inner… India Arie?!
Have a fab Wednesday Loves!!!

Avec amour…