The Truth Behind #Stretching

Before I start…NO This is not me or my hair! But it works just perfect for my rant to come!!
The life of a re-grower!
I have OFFICIALLY decided to end my 6 month stretch and be happy with the 18 weeks (4months n 2 weeks)  I’ve already done.
Given up already???…no thats not it! In fact the decision is due to saving my hair rather than thinking that stretching will always bring a positive result.
So… a few things for u to think about.
Does stretching grow your hair faster….No…..But it has MANY benefits
  • 1# benefit of stretching relaxers is healthier hair on your head….. (I have seen ) 
  • Some notice thicker hair/ because it avoids over lapping ( Yep my hair feels thicker)
However…. ( scratchin invisible beard 😉
Stretching can also do more damage than good!


When stretching… your relaxed hair is weaker than your new growth which is stronger because its natural. When these 2 hair types meet this can be a dodgy situation! Combing, brushing and even washing all have to be done very carefully in order to cater to the different textures. Stretching your relaxer takes serious dedication…You really need to do your research so that u avoid breakage.

SO!!! Why am i stopping?

1) My new growth is extremely coarse and in need of constant moisture whilst my relaxed hair is fairly week and needing protein. If i use protein to cater to my relaxed hair this will strengthen my already STRONG new growth which so far has equalled TROUBLE!
2) I’m beginning to experience breakage….not because I’m not looking after my hair but because my hair is talking to me…and its about time I listened.
SO peeps…moral of the story! Listen to ur hair…stretch because its good for u but also do it right…and stop when ur hair begins to fight the stretch 🙂
Plus +++  once u’ve stretched for so long u can handle anything…nappy can never have a hold on me! I carried it for 4 months! Muhahaha
x edF x