The Hair Returns … Weave Take out & Wash day Tales

The Hair Returns ... Weave Take out & Wash day Tales

The weave has finally come out and i’m back to buns, buns and more buns! As usual my hair feels very light and thin having just come out of an install, it’s the one thing I don’t look forward to when taking a weave out. As for shedding, breakage, growth and overall results of my install, here is a quick breakdown…


I didn’t experience any shedding out of the ordinary. I’m no longer terrified by the ball of hair that comes out when removing a weave, because this is of course hair that should have shedded on  a daily basis, which was unable to due to being sewn up underneath.


I’m in need of a trim and ironically enough it seems that the hair I left out during my install is loudly screaming for one. I have a habit of combing my hair by the sink because I get a better idea of how much my hair may be breaking, and lately i’ve been seeing quite a few broken ends in the sink! I’ve decided to treat myself to a morning search and destroy dusting* session before my next wash this coming weekend! They are so satisfying and hopefully I can get rid of the ‘splities’ when doing it.

* search and destroy is simply searching for your split ends and getting rid of them a.k.a destroy! Dusting refers to a lighter version of trimming whereby you simply trim a minute amount of hair 


Yep my hair grew, of course it did! I went in on the stimulating scalp oil when rocking my install and the re-growth surely speaks for itself. I’ll be wearing my hair down in 2 weeks time and will try not to do a length check then because I want to hold out till I’m 6/7 months post. I wonder how much it has grown!

Now to my wash, post the weave take out…

As per usual I prepoo’d, shampoo’d and deep conditioned my hair. I also switched my trusty ORS Replenishing Pak for the Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque I was sent to review. I’ll fill you in on that experience in one of my next posts, in the meantime here are some pics and the products I used too!

– Pre-poo’d in 4 sections with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  –
– Washed in 4 sections with Anita Grant Babassu Shampoo bar –
– DC’d with heat using Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque –
– Rinsed out DC and used a mix of Porosity Control & Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor for 2 minutes –
– Used Joico Leave – In Conditioning Detangler –
– Followed by a few pumps of Pantene Serum –
– Blowdried using the cool air setting –
– Straightened roots with 160 degree heat setting –
– Wrapped hair and secured with headscarf –

oh and before I finish… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to each and every beautiful woman out there fulfilling her motherly duties xxx
Avec amour…
edF ❥