Supplements… Part 1

Supplements... Part 1
Evening lovelies,
I’ve decided to finally dare the controversial topic of taking supplements to aid hair growth/health. I was on the edge because the topic is just like Marmite! You’re either for it, or totally against it…
Either way i’m real comfortable with taking supplements. Don’t be fooled though it took me a while to get to this stage! Lets dive right in…

Supplements are formations in the form of tablets, powders or liquids. They are formed in order to supplment your diet and contain vitamins and vital minerals that may in some cases be missing in your diet or that you do not have a sufficient amount of in your body. With regards to hair supplements, supplements such as Biotin, MSM, Cod Liver oil etc contain many vitamins that enhance hair health and growth.

Personally i believe in dietary enhancement via food. However my first point of call is vitamins and minerals using real food, e.g fruits and veg that are jammed packed with the good stuff!

On the other hand supplements work great during those times when you haven’t fulfilled your daily vitamin intake, and you need or want to do so without having to cook up an entire meal.

My take on supplements is, they are fine as long as they do not replace food. For example one of my sisters does not drink milk, therefore her taking calcium supplements would be justified… ya dig! 
…All in all there are several things to consider when taking supplements…
* Vitamins and minerals can help protect your body from disease and are great for those who do not consume enough nutrients on a daily basis. They help to reduce the risk of vitamin deficiency.
*Be aware of the strength of the supplements you are taking. In most cases if you use more than one type of supplement they should all be of a lower strength. This is because many hair supplements contain similar vitamins/nutrients and therefore you do not want to take too much of what your body doesn’t need. This because this can lead to many issues, one of which i have experienced… Skin breakouts.
* Never use supplements to replace food.
*Observe your skin, hair and body when taking supplements before engaging in everyday consumption.
x edF