Successful hairstyling

Successful hairstyling

Over the years I’ve hidden many hairstyles! So many I should have blogged about but didn’t because one simple missed hair care step turned into a  frizz ball aka no show! So I guess here are just a few steps to make styling hair that little bit easier!

1. The occasional ACV rinse. Us Brits are known to be the holders or should i say receivers of hard water unlike our fortunate Americanos who have softer water. An apple cider vinegar wash is known to get rid of minerals, deposits and/or other harmful substances in our water. At the same time it restores the PH in our hair and allows our hair to retain moisture because it seals our hair cuticles. I’ve attempted it twice now and there were no disadvantages!

2. If your looking for the L’oreal ‘because I’m worth it’ kind of hair flick then it really is important to use only a little bit of product. Caking our hair with hair cream only weighs it down. The best way to think when applying products is ‘I only need a dime’ aka dime size amount. One product I love and can swear by it the Pantene hair serum (you can buy it just about anywhere).

3. Clean hair styles better. Product build up is the worst way to go when styling hair. Layering more and more products unto your hair will only end up blocking your scalp pores, which means all that beauty and no gain… no growth!

4. Always try and detangle in the shower. Better yet in the shower when there is conditioner in your hair. This makes detangling so much easier and usually a smoother process. At the same time it makes styling afterwards also much easier.

5. Do not over shampoo the strands of your hair, this will just dry them out. Focus on the roots of your hair and the rest will fall into place. Too much shampoo on our strands can result in sulphate overload which as a result means dry brittle ends, which are subject to breakage.

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