Stretching finale

Stretching finale

Aissa Maigi- isn’t she beautiful!

6 months and a day later and I’m finally ready to relax my hair. The stretch has been an experience indeed. The first few months flew by with ease of course because that would be my normal stretch and then after that things got tough. Dealing with very coarse hair wasn’t so much fun, i’m so sure I found a deadlock the other day! I can see why my mum relaxed it in the first place!

Either-way there have been advantages and disadvantages of my 24 week and a day stretch!

(+) My usual 12 week stretch now seems like the easier thing ever!
(+) My hair feels stronger
(+) I’ve learned to feed my hair with more moisture
(+) My hair has grown

(-) I experienced breakage nearing the 6 months
(-) My hair was very coarse nearing 6 months

Conclusion- I think i’m better at taking care of my hair when its easier for me to manage…so I’m back to my 12 week stretch.

Just a pic of my re-growth over the 6 months
I’m going to do an overnight oil prepoo on my ends to prepare me for the relaxer tomorrow. I wont prepoo near my roots because this may lead to under-processing* due to the longer time needed for the relaxer to penetrate my strands as a result of having to go through more barriers caused by products.
I will use a mix of: Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil 
* Under-processing- when the relaxer doesn’t relax to its full potential.