Starting a hair regime part 2/3 : Building a regime that works for YOU!

Starting a hair regime part 2/3 : Building a regime that works for YOU!
So you’ve started to incorporate healthy eating and more exercise into your lifestyle, now it’s time to deal with the next most important phase… which hair regime to follow
Before I start I’ve got to tell you one of the most important things you’ll hear but most probably not believe until you reach a certain landmark in your healthy hair journey…
‘No two heads of hair are the same’
This has to be one of the realest facts in the hairsphere to date! Truth is, some of the things I post below may not even work for you, but are still worth trying out. You never know till you try when it comes to haircare! Hair changes with seasons and products you love in year one, may be your biggest enemies in year 2, so learn to observe your hair, keep a hair diary, and legho!!!


Moisturising Shampoo – Moisturising shampoos can be used once/twice a week or fortnightly depending on your commitments. They are more gentle than clarifying shampoos and work to remove oil, dirt and other environmental nasties that may get caught in those tresses!
Clarifying Shampoo – Clarifying shampoos are stronger cleansers and work to remove heavy product build up e.g. grease, gels, oils etc. They are also effective in restoring hair after it has come into contact with chlorine from swimming. Clarifyers can be used once a month, depending on the extent of experienced product buildup.
Mini whisper: Some people prefer not to use shampoos which contain Sulphates. Whilst shampoos without sulphates as a key ingredient do tend to be more moisturising, effects vary per head of hair, so trial may just be the best option. P.s if you find your product buildup is barely visible but your scalp craves a good washing, opt for co-washing! [See below]


Conditioning should be your go to step after every shampoo wash, even if you can’t DC for a long period of time, a quick 5 minute condition is better than none!
Moisturising [Deep] Conditioner – Moisturising conditioners are the most widely used conditioners. Hair lacking moisture becomes softer, more nourished and simply more moisturised after good conditioning. A moisturising DC can be done once or twice a week after every wash. If you wash more than once a week you can reduce the amount of time you use to DC considerably, e.g 10-15 minutes in comparison to 30-40 minutes.
Protein [Deep] Conditioner – With well moisturised hair follows the need for proteins. One issue often faced in hair regimes is the protein and moisture imbalance. Too much of one can wreck havoc on your hair! Protein DC’s can be done once a month, in order to strengthen and rebuild your hair. Additionally, on days when you opt for a moisturising DC, you can follow up with a quick protein treatment e.g Aphogee 2 min reconstructor in order to get a quick surge of proteins.
Co-wash Cheapie – Sounds odd right? Washing hair with conditioner is the perfect way to give your hair a good and extremely gentle cleansing without stripping it when it doesn’t need shampoo strength cleansing. What’s more you can mix your shampoo and conditioner to enhance your shampoos moisturising effects.
Mini whisper: I personally find that conditioners work best for me when aided with heat. Wearing a shower cap for 30-40 minutes or better yet sitting under a steamer/dryer for 20-30 minutes should do the trick!
Leave-in Conditioner – People often ask why Leave-ins are important in a hair journey and how it is that they are different to moisturisers. Well,  generally they help give your hair a good moisture boost, ease detangling and often contain ingredients which prepare hair for styling with and without heat. Most leave-ins can double up as daily moisturisers depending on how muh you like them and their moisturising effects.
Moisturisers – A moisturiser, according to the dictionary definition, is used to counter dryness. It may be that your leave-in is made specifically for detangling and therefore you still need something more moisturising. In this case a separate moisturiser is the way forward, something which can be used daily without weighing hair down is always great! 
Mini whisper: hydration and moisturisation are not necessarily the same thing, there is a fine line so don’t shoot me yet! Moisturisers are specifically targeted at preventing dryness, this can be, for example, via a water and oil blend which seals moisture in more effectively, however hydration is the specific addition of H2O in order to quench thirst. Some products are deemed moisturising and do not contain any water, therefore can be called moisturising but not hydrating!


If you’re already clued up about moisturising and sealing, then it’s no surprise how important it is! Using oils to add sheen/shine is one thing but more importantly oils are perfect for prolonging the during of achieved moisture in your hair. All it takes is moisturising your hair with your desired moisturising product, and then using some oil on top to seal in the moisture!
Mini whisper: you can also use your oils as hot oil treatments and bases for a scalp nourisher. If your a skin lover like me you can even use your loved oil as a facial oil cleanser. Yummy!


So far so good, we’ve covered just about everything from washing to conditioning to moisturising, but how about what happens to your scalp in between washes? If you’re after  healthy and perhaps longer hair, it all begins at the scalp. Feeding our scalp with some sort of oil/cream keeps it from being dry and encourages very healthy new growth. Additionally, massaging your scalp is a mastermind when it comes to scalp stimulation! Stimulation meaning enhanced growth of course!!!


Other hair treats you can try if you don’t already feel overwhelmed by the joys of haircare!
Pre-poo – incorporating a pre-shampoo treatment into your regime. Encourages easier detangling, softness, reduction of shampoo stripping and added moisture.
Washes/Rinses/Glosses – to combat porosity issues you can rinse your hair with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), to stregthen hair you can do a coffee/tea rinse or try your hand at a Henna Gloss treatment
Detangling – if you struggle with detangling and find yourself in knots, you can try washing in 4 sections to ease the process.
So there it goes, a long but essential guide on how to build a Healthy Hair Regime. Of course you’ll want to know which products to use/try right? Well look out for part 3 for a chunky list of go to hair products and the final phase of ‘starting a hair regime’!
P.s I’ll be creating a downloadable guide upon completion of the ‘starting a hair regime’ series on how to build a hair regime, so look out for it! Also here is part 1/3 if you missed it.
Feel free to contact me if you have any hair Q’s!
Avec amour…
edF ❥