Regimen Building

Regimen Building
It’s still the start of the year and i know many of you want to create really good hair regimens that you can stick to. I have a previous post on regimes for newbies but its a bit premature so here’s the new one 🙂
First things first i present my idea of a basic regimen…
1. Pre poo (a.k.a treatment pre shampooing)
2. Shampoo or co/wash (alternate…try to shampoo when hair has build up, otherwise co wash)
3. Deep condition (always)
Dry hair with cloth
4. Leave-in conditioner
5. Heat protectant ( if about to blowdry or rollerset) then finally…
5. Scalp nourishment (e.g Castor oil)
6. M n S (moisturize and seal)
However… in the i want thick or long hair quick world…much more commitment is required. So in addition to your basic hair regime here are a few things that i believe enhance your hair journey if done properly and consistently. I present the promoters’!
*Scalp massages
*Green House effect method- NEW!-next blog post
*Castor oil challenge mix
*Ayurvedic deep condition/ Hot oil treatment
I’m sure your wondering how in the world it’s really realistic to apply all of these to your regime… hair care shouldn’t be strenuous right.?!..
Personally it depends on commitment. Looking after my hair makes me happy therefore i see it more as a step rather than hindrance. I never beat myself up or forcefully apply each of the so called ‘promoters‘. The easiest way to approach a basic regime as well as add the ‘promoters’ is to create a fixed plan…lol regime i guess!
Here’s some insight into how your girl does it…
(i’ve broken it down into 4 weeks because my 2011 hair regime as you know, is broken down into 4 weeks)…but as i was saying…

Week 1

* During week 1 of my hair regime i make sure i baggy my hair at least twice in that week.
* 2/3 times in the week i apply the ‘Castor oil challenge mix’ and massage it into my scalp. 
– Therefore i have already done 3 things on the ‘promoter‘ list in that week, as well as following my basic regime!

Week 2

* 2/3 times in the week i apply the ‘Castor oil challenge mix’ and massage it into my scalp.
* On my wash day I do an ‘Ayurvedic deep condition’ which i would say is also a hot oil treatment (due to the mix i create!) 
* Use Greenhouse effect method every other day, otherwise M ‘n’ S.
– Therefore again i have already done 3 things on the ‘promoter‘ list as well as my basic regime!
Week 3 is the same as week 1 and week 4 the same as week 2
x edF