Ponytail Rollerset & Wrap + 7 month Length Check

Ponytail Rollerset & Wrap + 7 month Length Check
I decided to revisit the ponytail rollerset wrap I did all the way in 2009 and double dose it with a length check. 
Since my big cut in November 2011 my hair seems to have thickened out a lil, and I’ve come to learn that my U/V shape is here to stay, there’s no getting rid of it, which is most probably down to the mere fact that different areas of hair on your head grow at different speeds… annoying right!
Anyway my 7 months of regrowth aren’t shy at all, and were sure to bulk up the top of my head despite the hardcore wrap I did overnight to get things smooth and sleek! No complaints though I think it’s cute!
The ponytail rollerset is definitely the go to option when it comes to achieving smoother/sleeker hair without the intense direct heat from straighteners. The ponytail idea scores top marks from me and I copped the genius idea from Lavendar, one of my hairlista sistahs! Hope you’re proud girl! 
By using a ponytail to secure your hair, you reduce the frizz and puffiness often experienced when done with a lot of regrowth using the standard method.
I couldn’t find my length check t-shirt anywhere so was real bummed that I couldn’t do an official comparison pic, hopefully y’all have a good eye for detail and can see some growth regardless. Before I sign out did I mention I’m thinking of another cut? Yep my front hair is so much longer than the back and I’ve become scissor happy lately, on top of that I guess I’ll be big chopping next year anyway so what the heck right! I’m still undecided just want to give the bob look a go… what do you think?
For products used and more pics keep an eye out for tonight’s review on the LYT UK Original Moxie Challenge page.
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Last attempt in 2009! Looks pretty sloppy… cheated by straightening before hand! Why? God knows!
The back of my hair acts and feels like it’s completely natural… Denman brush to the rescue!
For every ponytail, two rollers, and so the rolling went on
All ponytailed and rolled up. Now the sheen from the Original Moxie Straight Up Sleek Control is DOPE!
Best pic I could get of my 14 swirls afterwards… getting sleepy now … Zzz
Pretty impressive beehive wrap for 7 months post don’t cha think! Straightened my roots only.

Now to the length pics…

My big cut in November [left] vs Now
Avec amour…