Original Moxie™ UK Product Launch | It’s finally here!!!

Original Moxie™ UK Product Launch | It's finally here!!!

Just before I sign off for a week, I have to share some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news that has been lurking in the pipeline for way too long! I’ve been in contact with founder of Original Moxie™ Rachel Blistein since first hearing about the product on Youtube late last year, and have craved for the Moxie range to make its way to the UK…

Well guess what? It’s coming!

This time next week Original Moxie will be available in the EU ready for purchase at Black & Brown- retailer of natural and organic skin and hair care products.

What is Original Moxie™?

Loved and raved about by Huetiful Hair Idol winner and hair blogging beauty CharjayOriginal Moxie™ is an eco friendly hair product range catering to a diverse range of hair types.  Not only are the products specific in use, they also feature a unique diagnostic approach which goes as far as considering hair dryness and curl type!

Why is Original Moxie™ different?

 “A new product generally emerges when we are approached by a friend or client in need of a particular product. Rachel [founder]  personally crafts each product, from customizing herbal infusions, to sourcing pure, natural ingredients and fine-tuning Moxie’s iconic essential oil fragrances. Products are then painstakingly tested and refined until she is  positive that they are effective for the intended hair type. Finally products our labelled with a 3-D Diagnostic System™ that helps you identify the products that fit your unique hair type. We want to build life-long relationships with our clients – not just sell you a product – so it’s important to us that you find the shampoosconditionersstylers and treatments that best meet your needs.”

Products… sneak peak!!!

If you haven’t already heard about Original Moxie then do check out some of the reviews on Youtube and CurlyNikki. Rachel and Black & Brown have been kind enough to grace us all with some treats which will be made known closer to the day of the launch next week Wednesday. Till then try not to drool too much and keep an eye, a leg and an ear out for the launch and treats to come.
In the mean time here are some of the products worth looking forward too!