New Series: Vintage Revamped!!!

New Series: Vintage Revamped!!!

So Sunday and Monday (bank holiday in Munich) were the most frustrating days I’ve had in a while… 

I manage/edit the blog using google chrome and safari… so about to post a blog I’d prepared, I decided to do a quick blog preview only to find that all of the pictures in my side bar had somehow been replaced with question marks… I’m thinking huh… Major joke…blogger must be down because there really is no other excuse for this nonsense!

So I switch from google chrome to safari thinking it’ll all be fine but no! Same thing!

I make a call to a computer whizz kid friend who logs-in as me and tries to figure it out because everyone else’s blog seems to be just fine. He says my photo configurations were messed with and I’m going to have to republish all 501 photos one by one.

The most painful part is I couldn’t dodge it… There was no shortcut or here’s something I prepared earlier. I spent 7 hours photo re-posting!!!

I can’t lie I wanted to cry but every cloud has…. U know the rest… and funnily enough I had a reunion with my old posts. Oh goodness, why didn’t you guys tell me how corny and mediocre they were! I had many cringe moments… The text font, the weird pictures… I wonder what made you still choose to read!

It wasn’t all bad though because it’s what has brought about a new series…
‘Vintage revamped’

So many of my old young fiona posts are so relevant but lacking juicy and indepth information so I’ll be re-posting them and making them up to date. They’ll have the same titles but begin with Vintage revamped so u know they’re the updated version!