Nail Art

Nail Art
Ruffian Manicure to some, Moon Manicure to others, I’m absolutely in love with the new take on nail art. I saw this look on one of my fave sites, and also found a link to the CND website, where you can find some of the hottest nail art types that have even had runway limelight! It’s uber easy and only requires a little bit of patience for drying!

What you need:

1) Base coat
2) Two nail polish colours.
3) Top coat- for added shine
4) Sticky labels/ manicure stickers
1. Paint nails with base coat this keeps the manicure longer
2. Paint nails with accent colour (colour of  moon). Let nails dry thoroughly… 15- 20 mins.
3. Apply sticky labels once nails are dry.
4. Paint nails with main colour, then allow to dry for 15-20 mins.
5. Remove stickers and touch up where necessary… then apply top coat
and voila!!!
x edF x