My Blog Break & What Happened When I Started To Dress Like Today Is Important

My Blog Break & What Happened When I Started To Dress Like Today Is Important

Today is important. If you dress for each day expectantly, importantly, smartly, then each day will become that.

Being at home for the past six months I quickly came to understand the true meaning of ‘letting yourself go’. It was something many people [aunties in particular] warned me of just prior to getting married. The saying ‘you always have to make an effort, don’t let yourself go‘ became one that I came to know all too well! But it wasn’t until I became an at home and unemployed wife that it all began to make sense. The ladies in my life were simply preparing me for a time that was sure to come, when self-esteem would be low, and efforts to look and feel beautiful would be non-existent.

Now, you may not be unemployed, but as females we have a whole lot on our plates, be it children, things we aspire to achieve, career goals, keeping our homes in check, let’s not forget societal pressures to look a particular way, you name it, the responsibilities and pressures are huge. What’s more we tend to put others first and many times to our own disadvantage. There was one week in particular during my time off when the concept of ‘letting go’ was at its peak . I went four days without taking my headscarf off or wearing earrings, wore pyjamas throughout the day, and did I mention I had missed two wax appointments making me five weeks overdue! I can look back now and laugh at how far I had let things go, but had you been in my shoes at that time you would know it was far from funny.

So what am I getting at and where do things stand for me now? Well you’ll be glad to know that my time of ‘letting go’ is over. Your girl has a new job! Whoop whoop! But guess what, it wasn’t getting a ‘new job’ that got me back on track, no, my moment of change came weeks before that and it was actually a book that helped to steer me right back in the right direction.

You see most of the time it’s our mindset and not our situation that shapes how we feel and react to the challenges of life. So it’s the mindset that needs the makeover before the situation itself. In this book (fantastic read), Richard Templar talks about the power in greeting each day as if it’s important.

You get up and shower/wash/shave/put on make-up/comb hair/clean teeth etc. and basically do all those things to make you look good, feel good, smell good. And then you dress smartly, cleanly, snappily, stylishly, as if you were going to a job interview or a birthday party or on an outing. If you dress for each day expectantly, importantly, smartly, then each day will become that.

Yes, yes yes! I absolutely love this! And better yet, it really does work. On May 10th I decided to put Richard’s theory to the test. I woke up at 6am, had a hearty breakfast and got all glammed up in preparation for what I named my ‘return to greatness’ day. My first stop was to the spa where I finally made my wax appointment [I sure did regret not going sooner!], and then from there I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure at my favourite local spot. An hour and a half later I took the fast train to central London and met a good friend for lunch at Côte. I highly recommend the ‘fish parmentier’ it’s so delicious! Almost three hours later I headed back home and was straight to filming my most recent video at the time which was a spring lookbook. By the time it was 6pm and hubby had returned from work I was smiling from ear to ear, I couldn’t believe how much I had achieved and how great I felt. I knew from that day on there was no going back.

The mind is so powerful, I’ve been aware of this for some time but what I often forget it how often it needs feeding. All it took for me to feel like myself again was to first understand that more often than not you give what you get. If you give the day a poor attempt at getting dressed and a poor attitude [despite your situation], it will most likely greet you with the same in return… a poor day. I want to encourage you to give this a try if you aren’t doing this already, dress for each day expectantly and slowly but surely things will start to change for the better.

It feels good to be back

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