Monday, 21 May 2012 Hairstyle Profile | Twist-Out… who’s the boss now!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012 Hairstyle Profile | Twist-Out... who's the boss now!!!
I’ve been grinding on this transitioning journey for a good 6+ months now and God knows if I had it my way I’d rock a middle part bun for the next 14+ months of this transition! HOWEVER, I’m tryna to keep the hubby and stay on top of my swag game so a lifetime in buns definitely won’t cut it, hence where the urge to conquer my twist-out fear came into play on Saturday afternoon!
For those of you who have been ride or die supporters of this weird and wonderful hair journey of mine, you’ll know I’m an ex twist-out hater! That’s right, after been called Snoop Dog by my uni housemates and having one to many unsuccessful twist-out experiences, I decided those curly things just weren’t for me… that was up until Saturday of course!
I gave my hair the usual weekend treat, you know the overnight pre-poo and then next day wash followed by a DC [all Original Moxie prods of course!], and then once finished threw an old t-shirt over my head to dry, and commenced to my boudoir for the real challenge! I sat in front of my mirror [the usual spot for haircare shenanigans] and then put on some loud gospel music in the background hoping God would get me through what was about to be one long twist-out attempt!
Guess what! It worked haha!!! A few minutes hours later I was whipping my perm rods back and forth feeling like a rockstar! Headscarf on and off to choir prac! Yep I jumped in the car and took my rods with me – #transitioninghairdontcare! 
As you can see I freestyled! No finesse just rods all over the place!
Waking up on Sunday had my stomach doing back flips, I knew there was no way I could redeem my hair if something went wrong because I had missed my early bird alarm which was put in place to give me an extra hour of hair fixing if all else failed and the twist-out went horribly wrong! Who created the snooze button anyway #Grr!
After finally dragging myself out of bed I jumped in front of the mirror and took my headscarf off, rods were still in place and nothing looked out of the ordinary so I reached for a homemade moisturising spritz, gave my hair some hair juice, and then warmed my finger tips with some Original Moxie Hair Bling and began to unravel… et VOILA!!!
 I have found the new transitioning style love of my life! Why didn’t anyone tell me twist-outs where this easy huh? Shiii!
It was a majorly messy experience so I’ll be mastering it real soon so that I can do a video, what do you think? Undercover natural or what! 
I have an in depth post on how I achieved this look using Original Moxie products with more pictures too! Feel free to check it out on my Original Moxie UK challenge blog page!

Avec amour…
Fiona ❥