Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm Leave-In Detangling Spray [DIY]

Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm Leave-In Detangling Spray [DIY]

I’d heard about the wonders of Marshmallow Root as an ingredient that gives a whole lot of slip sometime last year, but I couldn’t figure out where for the life of me to find it in the UK! Well, that was until I discovered iHerb and how inexpensive it can be if you need to do a bulk shop. Which I did, plus some!

Whilst there are some leave-in conditioners that do an absolutely amazing job at detangling my hair I’ve been long searching for a homemade alternative that is a bit lighter on my pockets! My savings goals this year permit very little product junkism or lavish haircare spending, so I was determined to make my own concoction and boy am I glad I did, it’s pretty darn amazing!

I couldn’t not share the recipe, so here it goes! [p.s I posted a video on this too!]


Marshmallow Root Herb – softens, high mucilage, provides slip, nutrient rich

Slippery Elm – provides slip, protects against sun damage, high mucilage

Aloe Vera Gel – conditioning, provides slip

Argan Oil – adds shine, smoothes, antioxidant

Vitamin E Oil – antioxidant [increase shelf life], adds shine

Lavender Essential Oil [optional] – used in this recipe for scent

*properties are haircare specific


Baldwins UK – Slippery Elm

Sheabuttercottage – Argan Oil

iherb – Marshmallow Root

Holland & Barrett – Aloe Vera Gel & Vitamin E Oil

Naturally Thinking – Lavender Essential Oil

Superdrug – Spray Bottle

Method: Check out the video for steps on how to make this yourself

Avec amour…