LYT Give—away!

LYT Give---away!
Today is a good day, as is just about every other in the blog hemisphere. But today i’m especially grateful. ‘LYT found its way into the UK ‘Black Hair’ magazine Feb/March edition. the biggest thank you to Yemisi Adedipe (‘Black Hair’ journalist) for appreciating the blog and passing it forward.
Guys I really do appreciate all of you that read the blog, have told friends about it, tweeted it etc etc, your support has been serious! 
Soooo… as well as the mag release and also achieving another goal with regards to page views…. i thought what better than to introduce…
***The first product giveaway***
its quite simple… up for grabs are…
1.Your own custom made100ml castor oil challenge mix

2. ORS Replenishing pak sample bottles
3. Small tub of 100% coconut oil

All you have to do is answer the question below.

‘What does your hair say about who you are?‘ 
in order to take part you need to
* reside in Europe/USA/Canada
* Be subscribed (Blog bar on the right that says ‘follow’ )
(this is only so that the winner can be messaged directly)
Giveaway ends on Sunday 30th January 2011, and the winner will be announced the following day)
x edF