LYT 2nd Year Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza!!! [CLOSED]

LYT 2nd Year Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza!!! [CLOSED]
Exactly 2 years ago today a young girl so in awe of the healthy hair journeys she had seen on a newly found hair network Hairlista, decided to change her naughty hair damaging ways and embark on a journey towards longer and healthier hair.
She started a blog with a few followers, and simply began to document her hair journey with pictures, hair tales and more, never thinking that 2 years later she herself would be a representative figure for better haircare practices in the UK and worldwide hairsphere!
Yes of course the young girl was me, and yes it is true LYT celebrates its 2nd year birthday anniversary today! Without going off on a tangent and having a grammy moment [tears, tissues and all], I just want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every reader, supporter and my friends and family; not only for encouraging and spurring the blog on, but also for allowing themselves to learn how to love their hair more and more everyday.
To celebrate this fantastic occasion some of my favourite Haircare brands and very generous vendors have come together to give you, my hair family and loving readers, some of their very best hair products!
There are so many goodies that the giveaway will run over 2 weeks! If you’ve never won anything before trust me now is your chance! 

Giveaway Sponsors

As I Am
Philip Kingsley
Organic Root Stimulator
Black & Brown
Mahogany Naturals
Tangle Teezer
Original Moxie
Anita Grant

The first giveaway will go live this Thursday, just so everyone has had time to get in the know! 
It’s a dangerously amazing one, so make sure you enter!!!
 [It isn’t even available to buy anywhere online! Even I’m going to consider entering! Haha I wish!!!]