Lyt 12 days of Christmas Haircare Charity Special : Day 1

Lyt 12 days of Christmas Haircare Charity Special : Day 1
October is usually a month when we remember Breast Cancer and go the extra mile to raise funds to support such an amazing charity.
I’m not one to post about anything too personal but a personal experience has made me want to make this Christmas about awareness and the need to understand and appreciate the pains of strong people who are connected to haircare in their very own way.
This time 6 years ago I have memories of the usual Christmas preparations in my house in London. My mum would make several trips from North to South and East to West just to makesure that just about every 100 members of the faimily had their very own Christmas present! Those times I was a teenager, too cool to care and mouthy! O did I have a mouth! I did everything I could to dodge the boring Christmas shopping trips and would groan for days at the thought of doing it, so much so that my mum as sweet as she was would leave me be and carry all of the bags by herself. Who would know 2 years later those memories would never relive themselves and that, that would be the last Christmas she shopped.
My mum’s diagnosis was a complete shock. Yes dad was present, but she held everything together, the perfect neck of an equally strong man. With 2 younger sisters my fear was of their lost memories and the pain they must have felt at seeing this beautiful woman change so drastically.
Fast forward 3 years later and the memories of what a beautiful upbringing I had will never fade.
So how does this relate to haircare and this blog? Well it’s no surprise that cancer patients lose their hair, which comes as an exceptional shock for someone with long luscious tresses. I can’t imagine losing my hair or having it made so short without my consent, and the ignorance of so many people and their hair is so disheartening to me.
This month rather than just host giveaways, I’d love for you to make that conscious effort to appreciate and look after what you have.
Make haircare about love this season and stay tuned for tomorrows charity of the day!!!  x
Avec amour…