Love Your Tresses : Stimulating Scalp Soufflé

Love your tresses : Stimulating Scalp Soufflé

Hair oils have pretty much taken over my product stash with regards to achieving healthy hair. They are reasonably priced, easy to mix and offer an extensive list of amazing properties. However we all know that there are times when a more thick, viscid concoction are what our hair craves.

Hair balms and pomades have been pushed aside over the years, despite their ability to help you achieve the same fantastic results as your favourite hair growth oil. Mess free, thick and guaranteed to give your hair long lasting nourishment, hair balms, pomades and scalp dresses have revisited my product collection and are here to stay!

So if you have a very dry scalp/ dry hair or are simply looking for something thick and nutritious, a shea butter based hair dress may just be for you.

P.s it also works a treat on natural hair and helps define and maintain twist outs and braid outs. Here is some i made earlier! 

Main Ingredients

Shea butter
Extra virgin Coconut oil
Pimento oil
Eucalyptus oil
Jamaican Black Castor oil
Jojoba oil

You can also play about with essential oils to get your very own desired smell as well as soothing, healing and stimulating properties.

Essential oils

Rosemary, Lavendar, Marjoram, Geranium etc


– Melt 60% Shea butter. Once melted add 25% EVCO, 5% Castor oil and 5% Jojoba oil.
– Mix concotion thoroughly and then add a few drops of Pimento and Eucalyptus (5%) oil.
– Mix concoction again and then leave in cool place to set for a few hours or overnight.


– As scalp cream, apply using circular massage motion. 
– As hair sealant, take a dime sized amount and rub into palm to create the  perfect light oil, then work through hair from root to tip.

Optional: for extra stimulating properties you can aslo prepare your very own oil infusion. To do this add pure peppermint leaves into one of your carrier oils. Warm the oil in a glass bowl over heated water. After 10 minutes strain your oil and then add the oil to your main mix.

Want to enhance the growth properties of your hair soufflé? Why not add some Sublime Sulphur!

x edF