Life Through Instagram + My Weekend Length Check Surprise

Life Through Instagram + My Weekend Length Check Surprise

You guys know that I’m a huge Instagram fan. It’s a one stop shop for pretty much everything, recipe ideas, outfit inspiration, keeping up with the news, makeup tutorials, hair care motivation and my favourite, lifestyle inspiration. Of recent my account has been quite active and I figured I’d share my life through Instagram with you. Here goes the story behind each photo:

From top left to right:

1 – Following on from my post on ‘what happened when I started to dress like today is important‘, I’ve been making more of an effort with the way I dress to work or anywhere I’m going. On this particular day I decided to get super glammed up for a very important meeting. I rummaged through my wardrobe to find the perfect ‘boss lady’ outfit and I knew this gorgeous jumpsuit from Zara was the one.

2 – I was devastated to hear about the recent events in Nice, especially following on from the tragic and unjust deaths that also recently occurred in the United States. I often feel extremely helpless during times like this but I believe that light can still overcome in the midst of darkness, so this was just some encouragement for those who really needed it.

3 – I recently got my hands on the Chanel Chance Hair Perfume. Yes, you read it right, hair perfume! I recently discovered the world of hair perfumes and honestly there is no going back. Here’s the full scoop.

4 & 6 – Another post that you may have already caught featuring some amazing products I picked up during a recent trip to New York. As you may already know Wednesdays are my pamper days, so I’ll be making use of one of these Face Shop Masks tonight.

5 – Some new hair from @PrettyKinks – I was sent some kinky straight hair and will be making another wig unit this weekend to sport over the coming weeks.

7 – Choice. Despite the challenges that life may throw at us, I believe strongly that we have the power to determine how we feel. The choice game is a complex one because our flesh often has different desires to our body. Do you wake up and decide to be optimistic despite not sleeping too well? Or do you drag your feet and moan and groan and let your mood dictate your day? Just some of the thoughts that were going through my mind when I posted this.

8 – I filmed my first style related lookbook on this day, and was so happy with the way my day and the lookbook had turned out. Nothing much to say here except happy days are great selfie days!

9 – I don’t know how to fix this chaos but I know it hurts and staying quiet is not the answer. #blacklivesmatter

Last but not least I had quite the surprise last weekend. Some of you may know my six month protective style challenge came to an end a few weeks ago, but because of work I hadn’t quite had the time to do a length check until last weekend. The initial plan was to wash my hair and do my usual overnight twist out but I couldn’t fight the urge to see my hair in a straighter state, and so whipped out my rollers and did a ponytail rollerset followed by a light blowdrying session. The results…