It’s Officially Here! The 6 month Protective Style Hair Growth Challenge

It’s Officially Here! The 6 month Protective Style Hair Growth Challenge

It’s officially here!!! My big hair growth challenge of 2016 and one that I’ve had in the pipeline for quite some time…

Since my decision to go natural and the official start of my natural hair journey, I’ve focused on one thing above all else… hair health. With a completely new texture to embrace and new regimen to figure out I wanted to take things slow and perfect those things before focusing on growth.

Well, I’m happy to say 2+ years later my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been, and all that’s left for me to do now is grow it, grow it, grow it! To do that I’ve decided that protective styling is my best bet. It promotes low manipulation, no heat damage, and on top of that the challenge has a whole bunch of benefits that go beyond hair growth. Check out the video (below) and challenge rules for yourself, trust me you’re bound to see some amazing results!

Now onto the best part of the challenge, you can join in too! Here are the rules:

Rule 1 – Take a before photo
Rule 2 – Be nutrition focused (up your fruit & veg intake)
Rule 3 – Take Vitamins/Supplements (optional)
Rule 4 – Increase your H2O drinking game
Rule 5 – Chose a long or short-term protective style
Rule 6 – Wash and deep condition your hair at best 2x a month and at the very least once a month
Rule 7 – Moisturise your strands
Rule 8 – No heat tools + reduced use of tools in general + finger detangling
Rule 9 – Baggy & add Peppermint essential oil to your scalp lotion/oil (optional)
Rule 10 – Be patient & take photos!

If you would like to join simply use the hashtag #lyt6mpschallenge on any of your social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Better yet, if you’ll be tracking your progress via your very own blog, then click on the blue ‘add your link’ button below to add yourself to the challenge so that myself and others can follow your progress and blog posts too!

I’ll be checking in with you every two months or at the challenge half way mark. The official start date of the challenge is January 18th and the end date is July 18th.

*If you are a blogger and you would like to join via blog linking (mentioned above), the closing date to enter the challenge is Jan 31st.