Inside Story | Now that’s what you call a Launch! Beautiful Textures UK Mixer

Inside Story | Now that's what you call a Launch! Beautiful Textures UK Mixer
I received my special invite to the Beautiful Textures UK Launch from Lukwesa [Gidore] a few weeks back, and the one word that stuck out in the e-mail was ‘glam’ … An evening of glam! I must say upon reflection the launch hit glam on the head with a juicy diamond encrusted nail and said…. ‘Now that’s how to do a launch’! It was a fab night with glamorous, beautiful, and hairlicious individuals!
There were so many faces I dare not start naming, but it was great to meet the hardworking Charlene Bastien, National Marketing Director and strong force behind the Beautiful Textures line. I’m an undercover Marketing nerd and was so inspired by her immaculate presentation which was might I add VERY captivating. In fact when the Bf called to say he had arrived at the station for me to pick him up, I could have whipped off the heel on my shoe and smacked somebody!
Now unto other news! Yes the Bf came!!! It was his official meet the hairlovers crew event and I must admit, I felt a bit naughty inviting him to an event where the majority wore curly, kinky, coily hair. He’s very team #healthyhair but is still trying to grasp the idea of me losing the relaxed silky tresses he “feel in love with” when we first met! Haha!!!
Lukwesa did the honours of taking him to a corner for a chat and must have worked some cray cray magic because he said he really liked her hair, and wouldn’t mind a look like that on me! Whoop whoop we’re getting somewhere!!!
All in all I had a blast! I strutted in with my 18′ weave [U-Part wig] praying not to be dismissed at the door, but as ever each and every hair type was embraced with love… I can’t imagine what will happen when I do become fully natural. Team natural buys Fiona a Maybach maybe???
The day wouldn’t have started off any better without my 3 hour coffee date with old school friend and fellow blogger Michelle from KurlsKoilsKinks. Hair really does bring folks together! It was a real joy meeting Mary and her friend Sally who won the Day 7 Giveaway and came along! Thank you chicas ^_^
Here is some evidence of the great night itself… Enjoy x
Starbucks with Chelle and prepping our evening photography skills!
Flawless beauty! Wouldn’t you agree?
Let the Fun meet the Bloggers!!!
P.s. Anyone who witnessed the mini several brawls between myself and onscreen husband Laila of FusionofCultures … We are currently working on marital issues! We plan on sorting them out before the next event!
Oh my goodness and the goody bag!!! Hello hi 2 big juicy hair treats! I shall be using you in very due course!
Avec amour… 
Fiona ❥