Imperfectly Perfect : This Year I Will Achieve My Goals

Imperfectly Perfect : This Year I Will Achieve My Goals

In less than 48 hours we will be saying goodbye to 2014 and jumping into what so many of us hope to be one of the best years of our lives! There is so much we have in store for 2015 and a whole lot we want to achieve, but one thing is for sure, figuring out how to get started and conquer these ‘2015 Goals‘ can be enough to scare you away from wanting to put in any of the work in the first place!

2015 GoalsThis time last year I was on the verge of a breakup with my now soon to be husband, Mr LYT.  I had so many things I wanted to achieve: career goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, blog goals, weight gain goals [don’t ask!], the list was endless! My younger self thought that conquering was easy, and that just like my mother I would be an effortless superwoman. Of course I’m going to tell you I was wrong, because it’s the truth. My lack of what I call ‘organised vision’ [putting in the hard work to make your dreams a reality], had me constantly playing catch up and never completing things, so much so that it eventually led to the breakdown of my relationship.

Where am I going with this? I decided after our break up that it was time for a life change and that I had to get a grip of things. This is when I turned things around for myself and began the journey towards a better me. This journey was a success thanks to five crucial steps. To date I can say that this change was one of the best decisions of my life, in fact the rewards are still evident a year later *he put a ring on it!

I most certainly don’t wish for a break up or something negative to be the reason for your life change or commitment to achieving your goals, but a new year offers the possibility of doing what you couldn’t in 2014, so why not jump on it?

I hope you too can be blessed by these five steps and achieve your goals for success in 2015:

1Turn The Clocks Back – After breaking up with Mr LYT I had to take some time out to think about what I would have changed if I had more time. This task revealed a lot to me about my priorities and where they needed to lie in my next relationship in order for it to last. What started as a relationship focused exercise then became an evaluation of my life! I imagined myself in my 50’s and wondered what I would think of my younger self. The picture I looked back on was not pleasant: never has enough time for her family, rarely gives to charity, not so bothered about her health, always spends her savings, always cancels on people etc

Having lost my mother a few years back I’m more than clued up about how short life is, this reflective exercise really brought things home for me and it might for you too.

Task: What would you have done in 2014 if you had more time? Make a list of 10 things and then think about how you can do those 10 things even better in 2015. A new year means a new opportunity to make things right!

2No More Negative Thinking -“The brilliant thing about the way our brain works is that you can choose to change your thoughts at any time and change your life!” – This article on the Huffington Post couldn’t be any more precise. ‘Negative thinking really can can block your success in relationships, money, health and in your career.’

Task: From today onwards make a conscious effort to positively affirm the amazing person that you are. At the point when you are about to walk into a stressful or difficult situation, take a deep breath and let the mental affirmation begin. Today will be a great day, I will get through this, Nothing can steal my joy right now, I will succeed…

Organise, Prioritise – I can officially say I’ve mastered the art of organisation in my life. I live on calendar reminders, editorial calendars (for the blog) and apps dedicated to reminding me that I have deadlines and goals. Without these I would talk the talk and never walk it. It’s very important to hold yourself accountable at all times. If you’re anything like one of my sisters and sometimes forget birthdays, why not take just 30 minutes out of your day and slot every birthday you can remember into your mobile phone calendar or an actual calendar. Then, if you’re anything like me you may also need a reminder to even do that! Organisation can make the longest to-do list feel like a walk in the park.

Here are some examples of ways I have forced myself to get organised in line with my goals:

Weight Gain: downloaded the MyFitnessPal app to track my calorie intake
Drink More Water: downloaded the Waterlogged app to track how much water I drink daily
Grow Closer To God: started a weekly prayer session with a dear friend & started a Bible reading plan
Advance Blog Post Prep: created an editorial calendar so that I schedule for specific posts to go live on specific days, including this one!

Task: Maximise your gadgets and have a dedicated notepad for your goals. Set reminders of reminders, as annoying as this may be they will force you into action! One guy went as far as creating passwords that would remind him of his goals! How A Password Changed My Life

4Plot Twist – The beauty of getting organised and finally getting on track is that sometimes your methods won’t work! As hard as that may be to digest, you should be prepared for this. The best way I prepared for potential setbacks was to set ‘evaluation days’. Your goals should be quantifiable. Do you want weight loss? Then how many stones do you plan on losing? Do you want to have more quality time with loved ones? Then how many activity days do you plan on setting aside for this?

Task: Put a measure on the criteria of each and every one of your goals successes’. Once you have done this the next step is to evaluate your progress after 3 or 6 months [*set a reminder!]. If you haven’t seen any progress it’s time to think of plan B. At this point you still have enough time to turn things around for the rest of the year, and remember, to have gotten so far is an achievement, you’re doing great!

Accountability Friend – The last piece of the puzzle is to share all of your excitement and most important goals with someone you trust and know has many of the qualities you aspire to develop. Be honest about your goals and weaknesses, and tell them exactly how you want them to help you. Find some time every month over a cup of coffee or phone call to discuss your progress and areas you are struggling with. Better yet you can do the same and hold them accountable for their 2015 goals. Going at it alone is great but a right hand man can help you get there even faster!

My loves, from me to you an amazing 2015! It’s been so fulfilling sharing parts of my life with you, I wish you nothing but the best in this new year we are stepping into & look forward to another year of blogging! Love Always, Fi x