Henna Gloss treatment

Henna Gloss treatment

I mentioned a few posts ago how much i want to do a Henna treatment. I’m officially counting down! 2 more weeks and i’ll be taking out my weave install and treating my hair to some henna gloss.

I’m steering away from a straight Henna treatment because many people critique Henna alone as being too drying. It acts as a strong protein treatment, so to avoid excess use of protein i will apply conditioner to the mix… a.k.a the gloss!

I’ve ordered my Henna from Akua @ Sheabuttercottage as well as some Shea butter and Neem powder. Here is the mix I will be using:


100g BAQ Henna powder

1 cup of Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner (review to come)

1 cup Queen Helene cholesterol Deep Conditioner

20g Neem powder

2 tbsps Shea butter

1/2 cup Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Ingredient properties:

Henna- strengthens, conditions, darkens, can loosen curls, thickens hair cuticle.

Conditioner- Moisture enhancer, provides smooth slip, combats Henna drying effects.

Neem Powder- Anti-bacterial, scalp stimulating properties

Shea butter- softening, conditioning, moisturising, healing

Coconut oil- strengthens hair, penetrates hair cuticle

You can also purchase some of these products from the following stores:
Pak Cosmetics

I’ll be doing a more in depth post, including my method, once i’ve actually done the treatment!

x fi