Henna gloss treatment : In action

Henna gloss treatment : In action
So the day finally comes when my weave has reached its 8 week landmark, so of course i take it out!
As usual, after unravelling the weave i’m left with what feels like the lightest airhead ever!
I skip to part 2 and begin to undo each cornrow using some conditioner and detangling after each cornrow has been taken out. Approximately an hour or two later and i’m fully detangled, so of course it’s time coat my hair with the fab henna gloss treatment.

Ingredient Re-cap

100g BAQ Henna powder
1 cup of Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner (review to come)
1 cup Queen Helene cholesterol Deep Conditioner
20g Neem powder
2 tbsps Shea butter
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Coconut oil


  1. Get a plastic bowl and pour the henna powder into it.
  2. Add water to henna (approx 200ml or enough to make the mix a thick but runny consistency)
  3. Measure out 20g of Neem powder and add to henna mix
  4. Add cup of QH cholesterol DC and cup of Giovanni conditioner
  5. Mix all and then add melted Shea butter and melted EVCO
  6. Part hair into sections and apply henna using gloves
  7. Leave Henna gloss treatment for one hour or longer depending on the outcome you want (longer= deeper conditioning + more visible colour effects)
  8. Rinse hair in sections and commence with hair washing 
  9. Deep condition with moisturising Deep Conditioner
  10. Style as wanted
Tip: Only use a towel you don’t mind getting dirty