Haircare ain’t easy | Hair Blogger Bloopers!

Haircare ain't easy | Hair Blogger Bloopers!

One of my favourite things about blogging has got to be the reader emails I get! Some from new found hair lovers, others 
from long lost friends and the odd email from aunties who use to tease my hair obsession!!!
I’ve realised how easy a hair journey may look and seem coming from a hair blogger but y’all, trust me it ain’t! I have finally come to a point where I can say my regime and staple products are here to stay… but really and truly even haircare can switch on you every now and again! 
Point is I’ve made many mistakes and its taken me a whole 2 years to get here so be encouraged already ^_^

#1 Henna Wars

 This one was not cute! I had just taken my hair out of the final LYT Protective Style Challenge weave install and after having read so many blog/forum posts on the wonders of Henna, I couldn’t help but try it out too! Thing is, a super quick detangle after taking out your weave cornrows followed by Henna… NEVER goes down well! I even took a picture of my tennis ball sized clump of hair which came out
as a result of it!

#2 D.I.Y Disaster

Haha I kept this one under wraps! The embarrasment would have stolen my dignity at the time! Let’s just say I hadn’t even qualified as a mix your conditioner with oil kinda mixtress, but something inside me told me I could rule the world with my medley of Banana, Yoghurt Water and Oil... Results were shambolic!! [Dare I use the word!] 
I had washed and blowdried without looking in the mirror only to find white yoghurt bits all over my hair when blowdrying… I had to wash again! Major manipulation!!! 

#3 Oils… A Girls best friend?

Using just Tea Tree oil directly on my scalp! Damnnnn it was painful. Folks please remember Essential oils must be added to Carrier oils and should NEVER be used alone! Carriers e.g. Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil etc

#4 Darn UK Weather

Leaving home without a brolly and newly flat ironed hair is like eating gravel with sprinkles of dust on top [does NOT make sense]. On this fine day let’s just say the rain had an agenda for me! Of course the ex hair lover I was went right back home and flat ironed my hair again! Difference is this time my hair was damp! #Sizzle sizzle

#5 … The Verdict

 So here’s the verdict. You will make mistakes during your healthy hair journey. Hopefully none as silly as mine. But eventually you’ll get there! It does get easier! Drop me an e-mail, I’m always here to offer some words of advice/ encouragement! Till then healthy, happy, h-amazing hair journey 😉
P.s JeniTola, Ebony, Pelumi, Gina, Shika, Michelle and Ally you’re TAGGED!!!
Avec amour…
edF ❥