Hair Care Regime

Hair Care Regime

I’ve had to delete my old blog on my hair care regime because some of the formatting has problems, there are no changes. just a better looking version i guess! This is my basic hair regime… its the one I use most of the year right up unitl winter when of course I change things a bit.


(Updated 26/05/10)

Week 1

-Pre poo with mix of oils and a moisturizing conditioner (overnight/ under shower cap 15/20 mins before wash)

-Shampoo roots and scalp
-Quick protein treatment
-DC with moisturizing conditioner and oils ( hood dryer 20 mins low heat/ thick shower cap 45 mins and then rinse
-Detangle using wide tooth comb when rinsing DC out
– Apply leave in conditioner
– For Airdry: apply moisturizing cream and dime size amount of oil
– For Rollerset: apply heat protectant, dime size amount of serum and pea size amount of wrap lotion to each roller section.
-For Blowdry: Apply heat protectant
-Once dry, Moisturize and Seal, feed scalp
-Low ponytail or wrap hair with satin/silk scarf to bed.

Week 2

-Same as above but wash with conditioner

Week 3

Same as week 1

Week 4

Same as week 2 but Deep condition with protein based DC.


-M ‘n’ S twice a day
-Use Castor oil mix @ least 2wice a week
-Airdry/Rollerset 99% of the time
-Bun 95% of the time
-Always wear satin/silk scarf to bed
-Direct heat only for special occasions
-Baggy hair twice a week for an hour


*Pre poo- any moisturizing conditioner e.g ‘Hello Hydration-Herbal Essences and mix of coconut, grapeseed and almond oil *
*Co wash- ‘Hello Hydration’ or ‘Tres Semme Salon silk’ *
*Shampoo-Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (orange bottle) *
*Quick protein treatment- Aphogee 2 min reconstructor
*Deep conditioner-
                              moisturizing: Queen Helene cholesterol
                              protein: Hair Mayo or ORS Replenishing PAK
*Leave in- At One Botanicals
*Heat protectant- Elasta QP Silk Design also wrap spritz
*Moisturizer: S Curl No Drip, Herbal essences ‘Beautiful Ends’
 *Sealant- Coconut oil
*Scalp feed- Castor oil
*Serum: Pantene pro v
*Relaxer: ORS Olive oil regular
*means– and a few drops of essential oils e.g tea tree oil