Finding Your… Inner Turbanista

Finding Your... Inner Turbanista
Forgive the late slap bang in the middle of the week and no hearing from me since last week post! I caught a bad cold which turned out to be a chest infection and just wanted to lay in bed and sleep the entire time! I find it quite ironic how I caught a cold when I fell off the wagon and missed by daily smoothie intake TWICE! Karma folks, karma!!!
Anyway back to this post and my new discovered love! You guys can definitely bear witness to the fact that I am one plain Jane when it comes to Hairstyles, in fact it takes a challenge like this one to get me creative, and once that’s done I’m back to buns! You can imagine my excitement when I gave the turban look a try and actually loved it!
So for anyone having a serious not leaving the house kinda hair day, or for that extra protective touch, I would definitely recommend a trip to Portobello road for a yummy 5ft long silky soft scarf!

Anyone else feeling the Turban look right now? Or is it just me?!


Happy Hump Day Loves!
Avec amour…