Curlfriends Day Out | A Hairlover’s Memoir

Curlfriends Day Out | A Hairlover's Memoir

Saturday just gone I experienced one of the best hair events I have yet to attend and be a part of. The day had already marketed itself to be phenomenal, but of course actions speak louder than words, so expectations were sky high!

I cannot for the life of me give the event the praise it’s due without writing an essay on it, so hopefully my quick summary will paint the Picasso moment it truly was.

There was a different kind of buzz in the air at the Curlfriends Day Out, one which was definitely created and motioned by Motivational Speaker Action Jackson- whose enthusiasm and passion for haircare and natural hair was ludicrous. The event started off with a mini ice breaker session and then went on to the first part of the day; the bloggers Q&A/ ‘Speed date’. I absolutely loved the interactive nature of the Q&A, and once nerves from speaking were out of the way, I could have gone on for days! 

The day continued with lunch and a marketplace session where you could buy some hair products from several vendors or also get your nails and eyebrows done, once this was over the real juicy second half of the event began!

The 2 live big chops were without a doubt the best part of the event for me and actually brought myself and Pelumi of CareforYourHair close to tears! It was definitely a forecast into my soon to be big chop of 2013, and made equally nervous and excited about it!

All in all the day was great and I felt like I spent it with a room full of people I had known for years! I most certainly wouldn’t have spent my Saturday anywhere else and look forward to next years event!

– A huge thank you to Bukky for such a fulfilling and wonderful day –

Here are some of the fab pics…

Bloggers Q&A/ ‘Speed date’ Session

Vendors [Meen Clothing, Nickys Nail Bar, H9]

Stephanie from Black & Brown, Ronke Ige representing BeUNIQUE & Social Entrepreneur Junior Ogunyemi

P.s. I’ve had a few questions about my bf’s views on my transition and how I feel about his initial [huh?!!!] reaction to it! Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish my comment on the panel about this, but if I did I would most certainly have shared with you that he has swayed over to my side and is supportive about my confidence and decision to transition. I wouldn’t be with him otherwise!!!

Avec amour…