Coconut Oil Times 4

Coconut Oil Times 4
Most of you know how much i love coconut oil.
 It’s the one oil i have used consistently throughout my hair journey that has always given results.
 Along the course of this journey i have learned that oils just like makeup and food, also have quality categories.
 Coconut oil can be bought in so many forms, and i’m pretty sure i’ve used just about every type. I’ve stepped up on the coconut oil ladder, but nevertheless coconut oil has been good to me all in all. Just like when u finally decided to indulge in a harrods slice of bana cake and never want to return to the asda brand, so have i found my love for extra virgin coconut oil specifically. 
So what are the main types of coconut oil?


(Refined, bleached and deodorized)
RBD coconut oil is in most cases made from Copra (dried kernel of the coconut)
The Copra goes through a hydraullic process whereby the oil is extracted. The final product is crude coconut oil. Any form of crude oil is not suitable for consumption because it contains contaminants, therefore the oil has to be refined and filtered.
It has no smell or taste.


Hydrogenated coconut oil has a higher melting point unlike virgin and rbd which using melt faster given warmer temperatures.
Hydrogenation is a process whereby unsaturated fats are combined with hydrogen in a catalytic process. It is a chemical process.
Hydrogenation transforms some of the unsaturated fats into trans fatty acids which can be linked to coronary heart disease. 


Fractionated coconut oil has the longest shelf life. It’s processing involves removing its long chain fatty acids from the oil so that only medium chain fatty acids are left.
and finally…


No doubt the best form of coconut oil, this is coconut oil in its purest form. EVCO is extracted from the actually coconut meat and not Copra. There are no chemical processes involved in the extraction of EVCO. It has the natural coconut scent and flavour and can also be used for cooking. EVCO melts immediately when touched.
x edF