Castor Oil Challenge- Extended!

Castor Oil Challenge- Extended!

Bonjour lovelies,

as you know i talk a LOT about Castor Oil! I loveeee the stuff! I started my castor oil challenge Nov/Dec 2010 and to be honest i was a bit skeptical about its results. I knew i would review my hair growth in March 2011 and was scared that after all of my talk, Castor oil wouldn’t  have met up to its standards! Talk about faith right?!

Anyway despite my hair being in its 4th month without relaxer, i was still able to give it a stretch and see if it had grown.

And…yes it has! I guess i’ve made BSL (bra strap length- my nov 2011 goal). I won’t officially claim it, at least not until all of my hair reaches BSL. The middle of my hair is longer than the sides!

But yes i’m very happy with castor oil and the challenge, so i’ve decided to extend the challenge up until May when i would have reached 6 months of my stretch and of course the first half of the 2nd year of my hair journey. Until then folks i’ll be rocking a weave 🙂

Check out the castor oil challenge mix, and give it a try 🙂 Don’t forget massaging it into your scalp… it encourages scalp stimulation. Anyone can do this, even weave rockers! Just focus intricately on your scalp directly… you don’t want to get that good ol’ brazilian oily!