But you’re naturally relaxed… | Mr LYT | Valentine’s Edition

But you’re naturally relaxed... | Mr LYT | Valentine's Edition
The other day I was talking to Mr LYT a.k.a the babes 😉 and somehow my favourite topic cropped up… not rocket science, you guessed it… haircare! We dilly dallied on about my weave install, the blog, plans for my product line and yady da di dah. 
Continuing on with the conversation I somehow started to blab on about another blogger and her attempts to enjoy her transition to natural hair as much as possible. I’m not sure what was said after that but all I can remember is,

‘What! You never said you were going natural!’

But I really did! I mean I even blogged about it… [guess who hasn’t really been reading the blog then eh! – Just kidding, he’s my blog support buddy… my ride or die!] 
I find it so funny how much hair change can affect a relationship, I read the ‘we will not lose our love, our marriage, over hair’ article on Curly Nikki about a couple who nearly broke up because the woman went natural, even though she was pregnant with his baby! Side eye… man up dude! 
Anyway conclusion of the conversation was that he’s down with whatever I chose to do with my hair, as long as I make it look superduper fly! Haha hair blogger superwoman to the rescue… I got this!
One thing I will always say , however, is don’t let your ‘who gon’ check me boo’ attitude steal the show too soon, you can’t blame a guy for being apprehensive about change, we are all human. The key is to show him that you can rock any hair and still be that bawse lady… right!
So now on reflection I feel even more empowered by the step i’m taking and what’s more I don’t see what all the media fuss is about, i’m jut taking a step back into history and getting back something i’ve not seen for a while! I’ve enjoyed relaxed hair for 11 years now, I think i’m allowed to try something new! Don’t you!
Sneek peek… the transition begins!