Beauty Corner: Ageless Beauties & Tips I’m Stealing from them right now!

Beauty Corner: Ageless Beauties & Tips I’m Stealing from them right now!

With the little time that I had off over Christmas I decided to take a trip down memory lane and browse through some of my older posts. It’s something I do once a year just before writing my goals for the new year, so that I can decide on which types of posts/series I will continue and those I’ll be parting ways with.

I stumbled upon a post I had written about Annette Larkins, the 72 year old who had me google-ing her profile for almost two days to find out the secret behind her 50 something year old-looking face!

Her secret? Juicing & Veganism

Now, I completely jumped on the smoothie/juicing bandwagon but my Nigerian roots were not very supportive of veganism so I let that one slide! A year later and with a wedding just months away, I’m taking my health and skin care routine to another level, and what better than to do so by getting some tips from the masters of ageless beauty themselves! Of course I plan on sticking to these tips post the big day, I’d have to be crazy not to!

Simply chose your fruit and veg, chuck them into a sandwich bag, and into the freezer they go ready to be used during the week. If you’re still not convinced and the thought of veggies in a drink gives you the shivers, check out my smoothie pinterest board, it inspired me to give it a try and I ended up pleasantly surprised.

NIA LONG – Again on the topic of Christmas, I indulged in a number of Christmas movies including one of my very faves ‘The Best Man Holiday’. I’ll admit I can overdo it when it comes to movies, I’ve seen this one five times! This time however I couldn’t help but focus on just how amazing Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long looked. Whilst I know that makeup helped in making them look oh so fabulous, if you’ve stalked them as much as I have you’ll know that even without makeup these ladies are simply gorgeous.

As someone hoping to one day have some children of my own, I took particular interest in Nia’s skincare regimen. I just had to find out how a working mother of two managed to look so young. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon an interview she did for BET, where she shared that she goes to bed greasy! Here is what she said:

‘The key to having great skin is to keep it super-duper moisturized. I go to bed greasy. I use a product from a line at Whole Foods, but it’s not expensive. It’s called Aura Glow from Heritage products. They have almond scented oil. I use it everyday, and my son uses it as well. It’s a staple in our house. I put it on in the shower whilst my skin is still wet.”

I’ve been giving this a try everyday since January 1st [after applying my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair], and I wake up with flawless skin, I exaggerate not! Aura Glow is a blend of Peanut oil, Olive oil, Lanolin oil and Almond oil. I made my own version using just Almond oil, Coconut oil, Rosehip oil and a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. I don’t think I’ll ever turn back!

IMAN – Last but not least, a technique that I couldn’t get my head around for some time. Up until November 2014 I had only ever used SPF when going on holiday. The reason being, having grown up and lived in London all of my life where the sun plays hide and seek, I saw no need for sunscreen except when travelling abroad. After a debate or two with a European colleague at work who forces her Gambian husband to wear sunscreen, I began to do my own research. Reviews were mixed and I decided not to bother with it. That was until she dropped an issue of Pride Magazine on my table with a feature on Iman who mentioned that sunscreen is a must and that she commits to using this daily!