Moisture is no.1 when it comes to healthy hair. Afro carribean hair lacks this especially due to its coarseness. However as with most things in life there is a way around dry and brittle hair…and baggying most definitely is a G when it comes to giving moisture highs! I also briefly mentioned it in a previous ‘Length Retention’ post.

What is bun baggy-ing/ baggying?

Baggying is when you moisturize your whole head of hair and then wear a shower cap and allow your hair to generate heat via your body heat. Bun baggy-ing is exactly the same except you only baggy your ponytail and then bun it and then use your shower cap etc.
I lurrrrveee baggying and did it at least once fortnightly when i started my hair journey. Since the start of my 2nd year hair journey I’ve started doing this once every week , especially because we all know mr weather man isn’t very happy this time of the year.
Some people moisturize, seal and then baggy, but I moisturize, baggy and then seal so that my hair gets all the moisture it needs. I can always seal afterwards!
I prefer to use a Leave-in to baggy so it’ll either be:
*Herbal Essences beautiful ends (LTR in the U.S)
*AtOne Botanical Hair and scalp leave in
*S Curl no drip

Quick tips:

*Baggying does not mean you should over moisturize e.g use the whole bottle of S-curl! Too much moisture can also lead to breakage so please just moisturize as usual. Think dime size amounts per 1/4 section (4 partings).
*Do not baggy everyday. Once a week or once fortnightly should be okay. Your scalp and hair needs to breathe…stretch…shake…
Your hair should feel softer and look more moisturized after…let me know how it goes đŸ™‚
Added Q i totally forgot to add (thanks anonymous!)

How long should u baggy?

Personally i baggy for around about an hour/2 hours. I don’t baggy overnight because a lot of heat is produced when we sleep, and i wouldn’t want to over heat my hair. Imagine what having a nightmare would do to you!!! I can’t overheating/ warming would definitely occur so i guess its really a matter of trial and error!
x edF x