Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush & weekend hair results [picture heavy]

Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush & weekend hair results [picture heavy]

A week ago I took a trip to Boots and bought the Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush and it’s compadre the Everyday Paddle Brush. After today I won’t be straightening my hair for a while so I wanted super sleek results that would last for up to two weeks, hence where these two brushes came into hand.

With my transition in full force I find that I often get ‘poofy parts’ when straightening. Basically, the extra curly sections of my hair [especially the back] tend to need more than one heat pass in order to achieve the results I’m after, because my curl pattern is quite defined and needs more heat to get it straighter! I know that re-straightening is simply no good for my hair, so I figured the straightening brush would be perfect in helping straighten out my curls without heat whilst using heat, if that makes any sense!

Did it work? Err yes it sure did, I did one heat pass and the end results were soft and flowy tresses, my hair would literally fall through my fingers! Here are some pics followed by a review of the two brushes and how I used them.

BaByliss Ceramic Straightening Brush 

Price| £11.22
Claims| When used while blow drying, the ceramic coated plates heat up and retain heat to cut down on drying time. The ceramic coated plates also help frizz to give your hair a stunning silky smooth finish.
My experience 
Frizz control | The Straightening Brush definitely helped tame my frizziness, considering the fact that I airdried after my last wash, my hair was very frizzy. The brush smoothed out the frizz which I was then able to straighten effectively.
Silky finish | As you can see from the pics my hair ended up very smooth and silky, need I say anymore! 
My response | The bristles on the brush may look very harsh but they were not, I was sure to use a tad bit more of my leave-in conditioner topped with serum to ensure that it glided through my hair more easily. I found that if you actually hold the brush on it’s handle it gives a much lighter grip, than if you hold it closer to it’s head [which I was tempted to do initially for better grip]. All in all I used the brush for straightening rather than alongside my blowdryer, which is how the brush is supposed to be used according to instructions. I checked the brush for broken hairs after use and I barely found any, which means that this has now made a permanent stop on my product staples list.

BaByliss Everyday Paddle brush

Price | £9.18
Claims |  The Professional BaByliss Everyday Paddle Brush is great for everyday brushing and smoothing and works well with straight and wavy, mid to long length hair.

My response | I absolutely love this brush, I will be using it in the future alongside my blowdryer pik attachment but also as a detangling tool. I used this in place of my wide tooth comb and loved it. I will still use my wide tooth comb as this never disappoints, and will continue to observe this brush on my hair because I would like to see if the great results were due to my great co-wash experience, or if the brush was actually an all rounder.