Ayurvedic Hair Treat

Ayurvedic Hair Treat
Ayurvedic hair regimes have been around for many many years. Native to India, Ayurvedic products are used religiously and renown for the evident role they play in boosting long, thick and voluptuous hair. Ayurveda consists of the use of herbs and products which are silicone/preservative/synthetic ingredient and sulphate free! Can you say “Hair friendly…any LOUDER!”
Ayurveda has been known to prevent and/or cure hair conditions such as Alopecia
So… how to include Ayurveda into your regime?
Well… for one Ayurvedic treatments can be approached from two different angles. They can be very simple or as complex as you can imagine. There are many ingredients that fall under the Ayurveda category so picking what to use is usually a challenge.
Here is a list of a few Ayurvedic products (many of which can be found in a local indian supermarket or grocery store):
Amla:- Stimulates hair growth, has wonderful conditioning properties, strengthens hair at the roots. One of its main ingredients are squeezed gooseberries.
Vatika Oil:– Vatika Oil contains Coconut Oil and an infusion of Ayurvedic Herbs, namely: Neem, Brahmi, Amla, Lemon. I purchased this oil 6 months ago and it is a keeper. It makes my hair very soft.
Henna:- this is a very famous Ayurvedic product and is great if used as a protein treatment.
Neem:- is known to to be a key ingredient in treating hair problems. Its  antibacterial properties help to sooth the scalp and encourage sebum production.
Brahmi:- helps relieve dandruff and strengthens hair at the roots
Bhringraj:- treats hair loss, early graying and can also be used as a conditioner
Methi (Fenugreek):- prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, helps strengthen hair shaft, light protein
Hibiscus:- conditions hair, promotes healthy hair growth, prevents hair loss, thickens hair\
Here is how I incorporate Ayurveda into my hair regime.
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