Ayurvedic Deep Condition

Ayurvedic Deep Condition

In my previous post i mentioned Ayurvedic hair treatment benefits, and the fact that I incorporate Ayurveda into my regime every 2nd week of the month a.k.a week 2 of my regime (as seen in my 2011 Hair Regime).
Because of time I use a very simple mix which doesn’t include as many ingredients as those on the list in the initialĀ Ayurvedic Product list’.


Ingredients: Pure coconut oil, vatika oil, neem powder, shea butter (not on the Ayurvedic list but good for hair softening).
1- Pre-poo overnight with 100% coconut oil under shower cap.
2- After main wash commence to Deep condition
3- Mix shea butter, vatika oil, neem powder and pure coconut oil ( warm slightly to melt if hard)
4- Apply all over hair and then cover with shower cap.
5- Just shower cap- leave for 1 or 2 hours/ under dryer- leave for 20/30 mins (low heat)


I did this just last week and it made my hair very soft and full of moisture. It’s also probably the reason why my hair turned out so well for P1 of theĀ ‘Shampoo then what series’.

x edF