*Attempt easy tasks as if they were difficult, and difficult as if they were easy; in the one case that confidence may not fall asleep, in the other that it may not be dismayed.*- Baltasar Gracian


The past week has been very busy. A friend spent the weekend at mine…then the weekend after a friend from london came for an extended weekend…then on top of that work was manic. End of quarter prep = everyone is stressed. A lost delivery sent me into a panic attack last week Friday! Besides having to stay at work till 8:30pm- not finding it was like a fat kid not getting cake.

But amidst all of that stress there were so many positive things that came out of it. So i guess my lesson this week is without a doubt remain optimistic…it gives you less wrinkles… or even better… positive thinking makes life all that more worth living 🙂

So… the great things about my week and previous weekend…

1) A great Munich Bayern basketball game!

2) Relaxing with a missed friend

3) The 2 new additions to my life (1st pic spot the difference!)

4) A free piano!!! Delivered next week!

5) A little bit of retail therapy after work

6) A night at Zus’ and an amazing chicken salad followed by Bridget Jones!

7) A frying pan gift ( wanted a bigger one) from my work colleague

8) Count down for another special persons arrival

9) Random appreciation of some VW’s! Bought these a while ago…don’t u just love them… 

10) Finally…the arrival of a potentially amazing cookbook!

Auf gehts Bayern auf gehts!

 For some…scary…for me essence of fashion 🙂
… i returned them a week later!!!

VW= Yummy

 She caught a big one!!!