Amitee Pamper Secrets – Box no.1

Amitee Pamper Secrets - Box no.1
I received my first Pamper Secrets Beauty Box a few weeks back but didn’t manage to blog about it due to being on a blogging break.
The March Pamper Secrets Beauty Box was Amitee’s first beauty box and is targeted at the UK ethnic market. I paid for the box myself, £10.95 + £2.95 [p&p]. I figured the ladies behind the box are all darlings so I most definitely wanted to support their venture.
In all things I believe in being optimistic but can assure you that honesty is equally as important to me, so here are my initial thoughts. The box is the first of its kind so box no.2 will give a more valid critique of the box. 
 As with other beauty boxes I have received, the Pamper Secrets Beauty Box came in a solid box and was filled with finely shredded paper hay used as a bedding for the product contents, as well as for some added glitz and glam!!! I must say the purple was a nice compliment to the Pamper Secrets logo! Nicely done ladies! One thing that did stand out however, was that the box was smaller than expected.

Top: Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel, Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade 
Bottom: Bettyhula Rum & Blackcurrant Shea Butter Body Moisturiser, Elemis Relaxing Bath Elixir, KeraCare Natural Textures


With regards to brands, I liked all of the companies chosen for the box. They are all very reputable in their own right and definitely a good selection for an introductory box.

Every sample minus one was of a decent size. Having received full sized products in several of the other beauty boxes I have subscribed to, the Bettyhula sample was beyond me! Nevertheless it has come in handy on a few occasions! The KeraCare samples would have also seemed small had I not put them to test previously thanks to the Gidore Event where I received a handful. Trust me they go a LONG way!
On the whole I liked the March box, especially because I fell in love with the Elemis Cleansing Gel! I’m sure Amitee have received a lot of feedback on the box and will make the next box even better. Firstly, I think it would also be great to include at least one full sized product and full/decent sized samples. Secondly it would be great to see the focus of the box kept on what I believe was the main appeal of the box; it’s target towards the UK ethnic market. I say this is because otherwise it is no different from its competitors. Finally I will keep subscribed for box no.2 and look forward to the April beauty box.

Avec amour…
edF ❥