Airdrying For Professionals

Airdrying For Professionals
as some of you already know I had the best airdrying experience to date yesterday. I honestly felt like i was in the L’oreal “yes yes yes” advert!
(Note to self: you are not a pro! But your allowed to be excited!)

So here is how i achieved the best airdrying experience.

Step 1

Deep condition on dry hair
1. Part your hair in 4 sections holding each section with a hair clip except the section you are working with.
2. Apply a generous amount of virgin* coconut oil all over the selected hair section. Starting from the roots right down to the ends. Make sure your hair is covered. It should be very shiny!
3. Do step 2 on each section of hair. Also part and oil within each section so that hair is smothered in oil.
4. Wear a shower cap and sit under a hair dryer on mid heat for exactly 30 minutes.

Step 2

Co wash
1. Before co washing, twist each of the 4 sections of hair
2. Beginning with one of the back sections, rinse hair with water and detangle with a wide tooth comb, then  re-twist this section and move to the next back section of hair.
3. After having rinsed and detangled all 4 sections begin with one of the back sections again and this time apply your conditioner all over the section. Focus on your scalp.
4. Rub scalp in circular motion as you would when using shampoo. Then re-twist the section and move to the next back section
5. After having co washed each section, finally undo each twist and rinse entire head, use a wide tooth comb to do a final detangle
6. Finish off with a cold rinse. Its a system shocker but will close your hair shafts.

Step 3

1. Dry hair and part into 4 sections again.
2. Begin with one section of hair and apply your leave in conditioner. (It would be great to add some castor oil to your leave in and aloe vera juice if you have any. 1 tsp of each is enough)
3. After applying your leave in to each section very gentle detangle your hair from tip to root. (Your hair should be soft enough to detangle because of the coconut deep condition)
4. Now seal your hair sections with an oil of your choice
5. Finally use your hands to merge all sections into one and then use a soft bristle brush to brush your hair back, wear your headscarf like a headband and leave the ends of your hair out or in a ponytail.
So thats it really…it may be a long post but it literally took me 45 minutes in total, and the main part of that was the 30 minutes under the dryer. I can’t believe i hadn’t tried this earlier, it really has made me feel so positive about stretching. My roots were remarkably soft, my hair is shiny and feels so lustrous. The comb literally ran so easily through my hair. I’m still in shock!
The key has definitely got to be the coconut deep condition on dry hair with heat, then the easy co wash method in sections and the easy leave-in process followed by a secure headscarf and a good airdry.
I would lllooovvveee to hear from you guys if your thinking of trying this. Honestly you should! The ingredients are so minimal and its literally a miracle potion for anyone, especially for anyone that is babying some new growth.
x edF
P.s the * following virgin denotes the fact that the type of oil makes a difference. This is coconut oil in its purest form. You can even eat it! If you can get some virgin coconut oil, its the best.
UK: Holland and Barretts, Waitrose
USA- Nutiva is a popular brand of virgin coconut oil