ACV Rinse

ACV Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Though the difference isn’t so profound I find the water here in Germany dries my hair out so much more than in London. Luckily i spent 6 weeks in Berlin last year over the summer and knew something wasn’t right when washing my hair- so now having been here for 4 months I can confirm it is the water!
 As said in a previous post, hard water leaves mineral deposits in our hair and as a result we may have hair which tangles more easily.
For those of us who have grown up in Europe hard water is simply crowned normal! In fact u never really see anything wrong in it unless you travel and get your hair done.
But for those who are encouraged and want to treat your hair regardless, an apple cider vinegar rinse is definitely a great idea.
An apple cider vinegar wash is known to get rid of minerals, deposits and/or other harmful substances in our water. At the same time it restores the PH in our hair and allows our hair to retain moisture because it seals our hair cuticles. I’ve attempted it twice now and there were no disadvantages!’
All it takes is:
-1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water ( I use two cups..therefore 2 tbsps)
– Add this mixture all over your hair after rinsing out your conditioner..therefore making it your last rinse
– Some people wash the rinse out. I personally don’t! The smell disappears when your hair dries.
– You can do this once a week or even once every 2 weeks, the judgement is simply yours!
x edF x