6 Month Growth Challenge Update & Changes

6 Month Growth Challenge Update & Changes

It still amazes me every month how quickly the previous month flew by, and especially now with a wedding to look forward to, how much closer I am to officially walking down the aisle! Ahhhhh

If you remember my last length related post, you’ll know that I embarked on a 6 Month Speedy Growth Challenge with hopes of growing my hair long enough to wear it comfortably in its natural state on the D day. So how am I doing so far?

You’ll be pleased to know, and I’m sure have guessed from the photo below, I’m not doing too bad! Whilst it’s definitely not growing remarkably fast, I’m very happy with the length my hair has managed to retain, even after an unwanted dusting session last month, caused by a high puff worn for way too long which led to a plague of single strand knots [post on this to come!]. With now just less than two months of the challenge left I’ve gone into army mode and will be tweaking a few things, as well as letting go of a few techniques to really push the boat out for my last lap. So here goes my ‘keep, ditch, tweak or add’ list with my experiences so far. How are you getting on and what is or is not working for you? I’d love to know!


Of all of the growth enhancing methods of the challenge, drinking a Smoothie, cup of Bamboo Leaf  Tea and lots of Water everyday have been the most consistent part of the challenge for me so far. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the health of my nails and strength of my hair from the combination of three drinks, so much so I’ve been asked for my skincare regimen from a few friends over the past couple of weeks which really is quite a foreign experience for me! I was out of Bamboo Leaf Tea for almost a week and literally went into panic mode! I drink this twice a day now [tweak] because I really love the taste and cleanse it gives my stomach, as well as the fact that I now experience little to no shedding or breakage on wash day!I’ve been buying this from a friend for some months now and I’m so excited that she will be launching her very own online Tea Boutique on July 1st, be sure to follow her on instagram and check out her store she’s also giving away some free samples!


No changes here this method is a must for all hair types. Read more on this Here


Believe it or not I decided to ditch exercise last month. If you’ve followed me on the blog for longer than a year you may know that I’ve been trying to gain weight for, well forever! I lose weight a lot faster than I gain it and a minute of exercise is like an hour on the treadmill for me, I burn fat way too quickly and it began to show! I have continued to do my core muscle stretches every other day but I’d rather have some meat on my hips for the big day, so both the inversion method and cardio are out for now. In terms of my hair growth I have resorted to daily scalp massages to increase circulation to my scalp, and for that I am alternating between my trusty fingers and a new tool, the Vitagoods Scalp Massager. I’ll fill you in on this next week.


I literally made a new batch of this yesterday, I can never get enough of how refreshing it feels the moment it touches my scalp. It’s so easy to make, if you’re interested here is the recipe


When I look back on my hair journey and think of when my hair has thrived the most, there is no doubt it has been when it is getting a lot of moisture. Whilst I moisturise and seal almost every day and feed my scalp, I have decided to go the extra mile and wash my hair twice a week. I will be revisiting cowashes so as to not strip my hair, and will keep you posted on this. Washing is most probably the best source of hydration and moisture for our hair, a clean scalp also allows for our scalp to breathe and thus grow in a healthier environment. My main hair worry is manipulation from styling but I’ll be getting my hands on a new protective style soon, so hopefully my hair will be in braids for the next few weeks.

So that’s my update loves! Bring on the new week!P.s I’ve been asked a few times about my length check T-shirt, it’s from here

With Love,

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