5 Simple Steps That Will Speed Up Your Hair Growth This Winter

5 Simple Steps That Will Speed Up Your Hair Growth This Winter

Ever since sharing my video and blogpost on the 6 month protective style challenge, my inbox has seen a surge of questions on the wonderful topic of hair growth. Of all of the emails received, one in particular caught my attention, this is what it read…

Hi Fiona,
I’m very excited to join you on your 6 month protective style challenge, but wondered why you aren’t doing this challenge during the summer when our hair grows faster and will benefit from the additional sunshine? Just curious to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you

Now I have come across an article or two which suggest that hair does indeed grow faster during the warmer months, but having never taken any time to truly put this to the test, I could not respond to the email without doing some much needed research. As expected there was a lot to be said on the topic, but I wanted more than just discussions on forums so was very happy to have come across this in depth study on seasonal hair growth rates.

growth chart // Our study clearly demonstrates that there is a distinct seasonal difference in the scalp hair growth rate of the individual studied.  Further, the growth rate varies in synchronization with the maximum sun angle at the subject’s location.  Hair growth is most rapid in the spring, very slightly slower in the summer, markedly slower in the fall, and slowest in the winter. – P. B. Sindafin //

A few more articles later and it all began to make sense. When the temperature during the colder months decreases as does the speed of our internal blood flow and circulation. This drop in the temperature causes our bodies to go into defence mode whereby the main focus of our blood is towards our internal organs, i.e heart, lungs and every other major organ needed to keep us alive! Unfortunately what this means for our extremities e.g. scalp, fingertips, toes is that they get reduced blood flow. In the case of our hair, this means that the oxygen and essential nutrients needed for growth are being delivered by our blood at a slower rate, hence the slower growth.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, the final step in my research session was to create a list of several ways in which we can be on top of our hair growth game and beat the winter growth stunt. So I gathered all of my intel and threw it into a video which I’m hoping you’ll enjoy as much as I did putting it together!

Here is a snippet of the 5 steps you’ll see in the video:

1- Product Revamp
2- Up Your H2O
3- Get Hot
4- Massage Your Scalp
5- Go Ayurvedic

What are your top tips for faster hair growth?

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