5 Hair Growth & Retention Secrets Of Women With Waist Length Hair

5 Hair Growth & Retention Secrets Of Women With Waist Length Hair

If you hadn’t already heard, the 2016 LYT protective style hair growth challenge officially kicks off tomorrow!

I took some time out this week to stock up on some of the challenge supplies that I had run out of, or simply needed to buy in time for Mondays start. I thought it would be good to show you exactly which tools/products I plan on using over the next 6 months, and so with that said I present to you my 6 month protective style challenge battle kit!

Rule 1 – Take a before photo

I will be posting my length check photo tomorrow on Instagram, be sure to check it out and tag your starter photos with the #lyt6mpschallenge hashtag

Rule 2 – Be nutrition focused (up your fruit & veg intake)

As well as eating more fruits and vegetables in general and alongside my meals, I have my trusty and amazing Nutribullet on deck for daily smoothies as well as a stash of silica rich Bamboo Tea which I also plan on drinking every day.

Rule 3 – Take Vitamins/Supplements (optional)

As per a comment from a lovely Youtube subscriber I have switched out my vitamin D3 supplements [which were shown in the challenge video], with a bottle of Pure Cod Liver Oil. The reader advised that this would be a better form of vitamin D and I couldn’t agree any more. Cod liver oil is one of the richest sources of vitamin A & D and I’m always happy to try more natural forms of anything that is to be taken orally.

Rule 4 – Increase your H2O drinking game

As mentioned in the challenge video I have my Waterlogged app on deck and also ordered this super cute water bottle which should hopefully arrive in time for the challenge start.

Rule 5 – Chose a long or short-term protective style

Wigs, wigs and more wigs!

Rule 6 – Wash and deep condition your hair at best 2x a month and at the very least once a month

All stocked up on my current favourite shampoo and deep conditioner.

Rule 7 – Moisturise your strands

I have a tonne of moisturisers I will be alternating over the next 6 months, but the ever so light Mango Lassi Conditioning Hair Milk by Sheadecadence always wins first place, because of just how delicious it smells and how soft it leaves my hair when paired with a good baggying session.

Rule 8 – No heat tools + reduced use of tools in general + finger detangling

As it stands I have not used tools on my natural hair for quite some time, so fingers crossed this part will be easy!

Rule 9 – Baggy & add Peppermint essential oil to your scalp lotion/oil (optional)

I have added Peppermint Oil to my scalp oil, edge control [yes you read right, anything that has access to my scalp has been given the Peppermint oil blessing!], and also to my shampoo for the menthol boost which will encourage stimulation and thus encourage growth.

Rule 10 – Be patient & take photos!

Six months will fly by so I have set a monthly reminder in my calendar to journal my thoughts on the challenge and any observations as the months go on. of course I’ll be sure to fill you in each step of the way!

If you’re yet to join the challenge or are hearing about the challenge for the first time, no worries, you’re not too late! As long as you do your best to follow the challenge rules you can join in at any time! Check out this post for full details.