30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge

30 Hairstyles : 30 day challenge
Day 1- ‘Buns on top’
So lovely readers here is the story behind this crazy and hopefully not too long winded challenge!
My other half aka the bf decided one lovely day a few weeks back, that he would inform me of my duties as a blogger to be more creative. He was so kind as to highlight the two hairstyles i ‘apparently’ wear everyday! – The cheek!
I argued my point saying that i didn’t want to manipulate my hair and blah blah blah, but truth is i knew he was right! How can a supposed hair fanatic hair blogger not experiment with her hair!
So here it goes the challenge has officially started! I will wear a different hairstyle for the next 30 days… and take a picture of my hair everyday to show you all. I’ve started simple because my 4 months post relaxer head of hair is not the easiest to tame at the mo, but with my relaxer a few days away there will be some very different hairstyles to come!
Join me if you dare!!!
P.s i’d love to feature some of your hairstyles, and use them as inspiration… send me a pic if you’d like to be featured 🙂

Avec amour…