2 Years Natural, Length Check & 6 Month Growth Challenge Results

2 Years Natural, Length Check & 6 Month Growth Challenge Results

 Yes, it’s finally here! The results of my 6 month growth challenge in preparation for my big day which now feels like so long ago. For those who aren’t quite sure of what I’m talking about here is a quick recap before you scroll down to see the results:

– Part One: How & Why I Plan On Speeding Up My Hair Growth
– Part Two: Three Drinks To Longer/Healthier Hair
– Part Three: Growth Challenge Updates & Changes

I’ve got to say I’m very happy with the amount of growth I retained from February right through to August, especially bearing in mind I was forced into a dusting session in mid May, after forgetting both my Satin Pillowcase and headscarf at home in London during a 5 day business trip. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly single strand knots and split ends can creep up on you if you give them the chance. A very unwelcome dusting session followed of course.

Looking back on the different changes I made to my lifestyle and hair care regimen in preparation for the challenge, a few things stuck out to me. The first, I was drinking water like never before. Besides my morning cup of lemon infused water and cups of water during the course of the day, I was also getting water from my Bamboo Tea and Super Green Smoothie. Internal hydration levels were sky-high and even my skin could account for it. The constant flushing out of toxins from my system not only benefited my hair regimen but made it more difficult for me to crave sugars or fast food because I felt so cleansed.

The second, external hydration. Having suffered from a dry and flaky scalp for years you may recall my water based stimulating dry scalp lotion , which not only helped me rid my scalp of flakes for good, but also did an amazing job during the 6 month challenge [when massaged unto my scalp], of relieving my scalp from any dryness and keeping it well hydrated. On top of this, in the last leg of the challenge I also turned to bi-weekly co washing which my hair just couldn’t get enough of, something I intend on pairing up with protective styling for maximum hair health and growth this winter. Did I mention exercise went out of the window in the last two months of the challenge due to a lack of time. I’m sure the extra blood flow and circulation would have done me some good but I must say I’m encouraged to have seen some progress never the less!

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So what’s next? Well, having seen just how well my hair takes to that extra bit of attention, I’ll be taking things a step further this winter with a brand new and more advanced challenge. All I can say for now is supplements, protective styling , exercise and weight gain. Look out for a post on this in a few weeks! 

What Practices Have You Implemented For Longer/Healthier Hair That Have Given Positive Results, Do Share?

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